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DCDNB - a continuing project centered around drum'n'bass and the DC Metro area (basically within a 25-mile radius of Washington, DC).

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13 May 10

Mixtape Thursday #23

Lots of familiar names for this week’s update, and if you check the mixes you are going to hear a wide range of styles, some classics and some unreleased treats! And any drum’n’bass is going to be better than the stuff my co-worker is listening to right now. It sounds like cheap 80s porn soundtrack music.

  • Ces: Dreams (Spring 2010 dnb mix) (May 09, 2010) [ LINK ]

  • Darkenetiks: EXBC Podcast #222 [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

  • HYX & H0U5T0N: The Growing Phenomenon Of Internet (May 13, 2010) [ LINK ]
11 May 10

Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 05/11 to 05/17

A little late…

  • 14-MAY-2010 [FRI in DC]: Konkrete Jungle DC | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: HYX & H0U5T0N / Serial / Headhunterz Inc. / James Z aka Therapist
    Note: This is the final Konkrete Jungle DC event, but the guys plan to continue throwing a monthly drum’n’bass event at Jimmy Valentine’s, just branding it under a different name.
7 May 10

Flashback Friday Feature #05: Act Your Age hosted DJ Addiction

A trio of Flashback Friday posts, this time looking at the weekly event Act Your Age (AYA), which ran for over a year and between two venues. Originally starting in 2000, in the basement of an Ethiopian restaurant in Adams Morgan, AYA eventually moved to a relatively new mega-club in DC called Insomnia, usually using the VIP-room for the weekly, but occasionally using a larger warehouse space on the top floor.

The line-ups were a nice blend of local, regional, national and international talent, often bringing through new talent from each of those categories, and also shaking up the sub-genres. The promotional material was originally a showcase of designs by several local designers, but over time Eve Communications became the full-time designer, and pushed very interesting designs.

One very memorable night was when DJ Addiction (Defunked - UK) headlined.

Here is part one of his set that night, recorded live on September 5, 2001.


So what has become of AYA’s old stomping grounds? Showboat, the original venue, is now a sushi restaurant called Saki. Insomnia was torn down for a parking garage, directly across the street from where Muse Lounge now sits. And DJ Addiction? He seemed to have disappeared, perhaps living out his BMX half-pipe obsession somewhere in the midlands of the U.K.

Look for part two of this mix in the near future!

6 May 10

Mixtape Thursday #22

A set of Dirtbox Radio archives this week:

4 May 10

Tuesday Event Outlook - 05/04 to 05/10

Parties this week:

  • 05-MAY-2010 [WED in VA]: Transit | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: DJ Frog / Darkenetiks / DJ Drip vs. Dan Amitai / Deinfamous & IllEffect

  • 08-MAY-2010 [SAT in MD]: Spring Massive: Under The Big Top | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Simon Bassline Smith (UK) / Dara & DB (History of Drum’n’Bass Set) / Teebee (NOR) / Headhunterz / Don Vega / MC High IQ / MC Checkwun
    plus a whole lot of other DJs

Will add more tomorrow, if I missed anything.

30 April 10

Flashback Friday #04: A night at Buzz in DC.

For crazy weird flashback mode, check out: DCDNB vs. Geocities. Make sure to pump the MIDI jams LOUD!

J Majik & MC MC - Live at Buzz (January 2001)

I was cleaning up around the house this past weekend and found this mix in a pile of burned mixes. This was never released, just a few people had this I guess.

I also tried to hunt down the full flier, had to crop this low-res version from a .PDF of Akira Takahashi’s work, off of his portfolio site ( Akira was one third of Airline Industries, and played a major role in influencing several graphic designers to come out of the DC area.

29 April 10

Quick update on the DCDNB blog.

The Five For Friday feature has not been discontinued, I just have not had time to get questions together, although we have plans to do a Q&A with Telemetrik, as well as Inner Loop (a live band that plays a bit of drum’n’bass in their show sets). There were also two Five For Friday questionnaires that never got completed, so those two features probably will never be featured.

However, Flashback Fridays will continue, and have I got a lot of great old recordings for that. I am also kicking around the idea of a collaborative photo project, just need to figure out when to post the call for photos, and what the deadline will be. Maybe I will label that feature ‘Wednesday: We Are DCDNB’?

So that said, thanks for the support and continuing to check out the blog. Also, I may need to pester Jungle Jessi about taking on the DCDNB internship position we had joked about…

Posted: 12:35 PM

Mixtape Thursday #21

A few new mixes for the DC drum’n’bass fan base, from some of DC’s finest. And a big congrats to Jackson/ODJ and all the crew at Dirtbox Radio on their Eight Year Anniversary!

  • IllEffect: EXBC Podcast #229 [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

  • RenderOne: Drunks With Decks Vol. 1 [ LINK | TUMBLR ]

  • Dirtbox Radio Archives: Dirtbox Radio 8 Year Party (April 18, 2010)
    • Grimm Reaper [ DOWNLOAD ]
    • DaveJ [ DOWNLOAD ]
    • ODJ [ DOWNLOAD ]
    • HeBe GB [ DOWNLOAD ]

  • DJ Darkness: ‘Always Darkest Before The Light’ (April 2010 studio mix) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

NOTE: The DJ Darkness mix was added a little bit later today, got an email about the mix this afternoon and wanted to make sure I got it in for this week’s post

    27 April 10

    Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 04/27 - 05/03

    This week is looking a bit low-key, before a few big spring events come through.

    • 28-APR-2010 [WED in DC]: Transit | promo thread
      w/ DnB DJs: 2 Old Junglists (Solace72 vs. Outliar) / Insulin
      Plus a few dubstep DJs
    23 April 10

    Flashback Friday Feature #03: Guest submission from Steve Eternal

    Steve Eternal has been a part of the DC drum’n’bass scene from its beginnings, going to raves and parties since his high school years, in the early 1990s. He hit me up with an email with a treasure trove of goodies: old magazine scans and mix sets, all with ties to DC in some way.

    So here you have it, Steve Eternal’s first contribution to the DCDNB blog:

    Thanks for the content contribution Steve!

    22 April 10

    Mixtape Thursday #20

    Check, check, check it out:

    • Plan-B: ‘Let Me Show You’ (April 15, 2010) [ LINK ]

    • DJ Stepan: EXBC Podcast #227 (April 19, 2010) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

    Also, any local drum’n’bass (and by extension, dubstep and/or future garage) DJs that are looking for some exposure, Expansion Broadcast is looking for some fresh, top quality mixes to include in their podcast. Get the details:

    20 April 10

    Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 04/20 to 04/26

    A couple parties in DC to check out this week:

    • 23-APR-2010 [FRI in DC] - United Vibe | promo thread
      w/ DnB DJs: Rip Reed / Render One
      plus other DJs in three rooms

    • 23-APR-2010 [FRI in DC] - Root Of All Evol | promo thread
      w/ DnB DJs: Evol Intent / Deinfamous / Serial / K.R.X.M. / Gabe Da Aphrican / MC High IQ
      plus a couple dubstep DJs and a second room with house & breaks DJs
    16 April 10

    Mixtape Thursday #19 - another late on Friday edition

    About two weeks of mixes I need to post here:

    • Dirtbox Radio Archives: DBR Podcast #411 (March 28, 2010)
      • Insulin [ DOWNLOAD ]

    • Stepan: EXBC Podcast #223 (March 29, 2010) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

    • Dirtbox Radio Archives: DBR Podcast #412 (April 4, 2010)
      • Encryption [ DOWNLOAD ]
      • Resonance [ DOWNLOAD ]
      • DaveJ [ DOWNLOAD ]

    • DJ Question: EXBC Podcast #224 - “Sub Banger” Mix (April 5, 2010) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

    • Deinfamous: EXBC Podcast #225 (April 7, 2010) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]

    • Dirtbox Radio Archives: DBR Podcast #413 (April 11, 2010)
      • Parsec [ DOWNLOAD ]
      • Inflictz [ DOWNLOAD ]

    • Harry Ransom: DOA x UAF DJ Mix Competition (April 13, 2010) [ DOWNLOAD | LINK ]
    13 April 10

    Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 04/13 to 04/19

    Doesn’t look like any drum’n’bass events or DJs in the area for this time period.


    6 April 10

    Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 04/06 - 04/12

    Once again, late. Blaming school & the recent Easter holiday. A couple parties to hit up:

    I (Harry Ransom) am playing alongside EXBC’s IllEffect in the Future Sounds room at the LODA event, from 11PM to 1AM. And then the next night I am playing a drum’n’bass set up in Harrisburg, PA, so if any blog readers go to events up there, come out and say hello!

    Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh