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DCDNB - a continuing project centered around drum'n'bass and the DC Metro area (basically within a 25-mile radius of Washington, DC).

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23 April 10

Flashback Friday Feature #03: Guest submission from Steve Eternal

Steve Eternal has been a part of the DC drum’n’bass scene from its beginnings, going to raves and parties since his high school years, in the early 1990s. He hit me up with an email with a treasure trove of goodies: old magazine scans and mix sets, all with ties to DC in some way.

So here you have it, Steve Eternal’s first contribution to the DCDNB blog:

Thanks for the content contribution Steve!

20 April 10

Tuesday drum’n’bass event outlook for 04/20 to 04/26

A couple parties in DC to check out this week:

  • 23-APR-2010 [FRI in DC] - United Vibe | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Rip Reed / Render One
    plus other DJs in three rooms

  • 23-APR-2010 [FRI in DC] - Root Of All Evol | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Evol Intent / Deinfamous / Serial / K.R.X.M. / Gabe Da Aphrican / MC High IQ
    plus a couple dubstep DJs and a second room with house & breaks DJs
9 March 10

Tuesday drum’n’bass outlook for the DC area - 03/09 to 03/15

A whole lot of drum’n’bass in the DC area over the next five days:

  • 11-MAR-2010 [THU in MD] XstatiK | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: SourDiesel / Domin8or / N-SiDE / Render One / J-MiLLY / DJ Infinity & Legacy MC / JessFX
    plus more DJs spread over two rooms

  • 12-MAR-2010 [FRI in MD] Purgatory 3 | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJ: JessFX
    plus other DJs on the line-up

  • 12-MAR-2010 [FRI in MD] Steez Promo Presents | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Dieselboy (Human Imprint / Planet of the Drums - NY) / HYX & Houston
    plus Excision (Rottun - CAN), Smash Gordon and more

  • 12-MAR-2010 [FRI in DC] Yeah And Its Hot Too | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Frankie Bass & DTL
    plus more DJs

  • 13-MAR-2010 [SAT in DC] Konkrete Jungle DC | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Seraph (PHI) / Kirkout (PHI) / Miss Behave (PHI) / Headhunterz Inc. / James Z aka. Therapist
2 March 10

Tuesday drum’n’bass outlook for the DC area - 03/02 to 03/08

Here is what is happening over the next seven nights in the DC drum’n’bass scene:

  • 04-MAR-2010 [THU in MD] Throwdown Thursdays | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: The Nineties (PA) / Kyng of Thievez (PHI) / Render One
    plus several other DJs spread through two rooms

  • 05-MAR-2010 [FRI in DC] 3D Productions’ Free Party at Club 24 | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Parsec / DJ Thread / DJ Trip / Ackshun Jackson / Gabe Da Aphrikan
    plus some more DJs playing house and breakbeat

  • 07-MAR-2010 [SUN in MD] Wicked Wind Down | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: DJ Infinity / MC Legacy / Rossi
    plus the U.S. debut of UK dubstep producer DFRNT
29 December 09

A late Tuesday night outlook of DC dnb events for 12/29 - 01/05!

New Year’s Eve is in two nights!

  • 31-DEC-2009 in DC: Odyssey 2010: A Rave | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Dieselboy (NY - multi-genre set) / D Star (PHI) / Don Vega / Headhunterz Inc. / MC Armanni / MC Sharpness / MC Checkwun
    plus Smash Gordon in the main room with all the dnb, and a second room featuring a lot of club, house and breaks.

  • 01-JAN-2010 in MD: Good Vibes wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! | promo thread
    w/ DnB DJs: Godfather Sage / DJ Pick / Definitive Junglists
    plus dubstep, hardstyle and hardcore DJs on the line-up.

Not sure if there is anything else with drum’n’bass though, but if you know of something in this week, let us know.

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